Vine Trellis Posts

MAGON Metales Perfilados, S.A. add a new line of products, now we offer an option for the support of vines, adapting to any type of land.

The profile of the post has been designed to achieve unbeatable robustness and resistance to bending, optimizing the strength/weight ratio.


Middle Post MG-32

Extreme Post MG-48

Helix Anchor



Fixer and Deltex Cables


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We are committed to satisfying our customers and prviding them with added value by offering them complete, constructive solutions that meet their needs. This can only be achieved by having a complete service that provides customers with all the accessories they need to speed up their work and make it easier.








Profiles for Slabs

Continuing improvement and innovation are the twin pillars that support our company's achievements. We seek alternatives to the systems traditionally found in our line of work, in order to crate new processes, products and services.

One example of this is replacing conventional slab systems with structural steel profiles that have been specially designed to optimize the time and the space available at the worksite and to provide unique mechanical and static properties.


MG-60/220 Hidden Formwork

MG-60/220 Support


Commercial Profiles

At MAGON Metales Perfilados, S.A., we place great emphasis on research and development, with the aim of bringing out new products and services so as to provide a range of profiles that will fit any type of building enclosure. We therefore offer a range of profiles to meet the different aesthetic, mechanical and assembly requirements of each project.








MG-40/250 Deck

MG-60/220 Deck

Structural Profiles

As well as trying to discover and pay attention to the preferences of customers, MAGON has also addressed the need to offer versatile products that adapt to the trends shown by the different markets in which the company operates.

This is way we have added the MG-C and MG-Z cold-formed sheet structural profiles to our range. The resulting products offer better performance due to their optimal static values and their mechanical attachment system.